Wednesday, 24 June 2015

What is a Pretzel?

A question I know you might ask is, what exactly is a pretzel? A pretzel is a type of baked bread most normally shaped into a twisty knot. Pretzels do come in different shapes and sizes, with a variety of different flavours. At Pretz n’ Beanz, we have a total of 8 flavours namely Original (which comes in sea salt topping), Plain, Cinnamon Sugar, Sesame Sugar, Chocolate Cookie Crunch, Chocolate Peanut Crunch, Basil Cheese and Parmesan Cheese.  All time best sellers are Cinnamon Sugar and Basil Cheese pretzels.

But then again, what is the history of pretzels? There are lots of places that claimed pretzels to be their inventions. There were rumours back then, when christians were forbidden to eat eggs, pretzels came in handy for them. In easter now, we hide eggs but back in the old days, pretzels were hidden. , we only use pretzels as yummy treats.

Now in Pretz n’ Beanz we have a promotion, print this blog post, show it to our staff and get a pretzel at 2 RM with any beverage purchase. Hey, what are you waiting for now? Run to get a pretzel now!

Our very own Basil Cheese Pretzel.
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About the author:
Ferdinand Ng is a  10 year old school boy who loves reading, writing and drawing. He is an athlete and loves physical fitness. During his summer, he has agreed to write blogs for the Pretz n’ Beanz blog post and will keep trying to make more and more blogs for Pretz n’ Beanz.

By: Ferdinand Ng

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

The First & Only Pretzel Pizza In Malaysia

When we decided on our brand name Pretz n' Beanz, we didn't know that we would have created Pretzel Pizza at all.

It was during our weekly management meeting when we questioned how we could improve on one of our product range "Tortilla Pizza" - which look like a pizza but the crust was a tortilla.  This product range didn't give that "oomph" and cost of tortilla was pretty high.  We brainstormed for a cost effective yet quality product to replace this "Tortilla Pizza".  All kinds of ideas came rolling on in the meeting room, but there was one at caught all our attention - since we are known as Pretz n' Beanz, can we make a pizza out of our signature pretzel dough?  Suddenly, we could feel the excitement gushing into our souls and we can't wait to try this product, which we called it Pretzel Pizza.

After Chef Johnson did a R&D on Pretzel Pizza, he conducted a product tasting session.  Our team was totally impressed with what we have tasted.  The Pretzel Pizza was soft, warm, fluffy and flavorful with the sweetness of the dough.  And the dough paired so well with the various toppings which Chef Johnson had prepared for us. After our food tasting and selection process, we finally we selected 7 flavors of Pretzel Pizzas, namely: Double Cheese, Pepperoni, Hawaiian, Al Fungi, Hot Pepper Chilli Chicken, Sweet Potato and Norwegian Delight.
We were all so escalated with excitement with the First and Only Pretzel Pizza in Malaysia, and possibly Asia.

Double Cheese Pretzel Pizza

Pepperoni Beef Pretzel Pizza

Hawaiian Pretzel Pizza

Al Fungi Pretzel Pizza

Hot Pepper Chilli Chicken Pretzel Pizza

Norwegian Delight Pretzel Pizza

Our Pretzel Pizzas are good for dine in and takeaways.  When you packet the takeway of the Pretzel Pizza and eat after few hours, the Pretzel Pizzas are still soft and tasty.  Warming up in microwave is really not necessary unless you prefer them to be a little warm.

It's been 3 months since we launched our Pretzel Pizza and the compliments we received were overwhelming!

A topic for cost effective discussion turned out an amazing product that could last for lifetime, filling the joy of many pizza lovers in Malaysia, and possibly around the world in future!

Pretzel Pizza is available at Pretz n' Beanz store:

Solaris Mont Kiara: No. 22, Ground Floor, Jalan Solaris 4, Mont Kiara Kuala Lumpur

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

How We Developed Pretz n' Beanz brand name and logo?

There have been plenty of coffee shop mushrooming in KL in recent years and I have been thinking of how could we stand out from the rest?  This wasn't an easy question to answer at all and this question had always been on my mind.

One morning I woke up suddenly with the name "Pretz & Bean" - it means pretzels and coffee beans - a very straightforward approach to differentiate our cafe with the rest of the coffee shop - we have pretzels and coffee!  After sharing the name with family, we decided to add a "z" to the Bean to become "Pretz n' Beanz" for better "balance" of both words ending with "z".

Next, I started to get so excited about designing the logo with pretzel and coffee beans.

First the shape of our pretzel to begin with.

Then the shape of pretzel on the left and a coffee bean on the right.

How about adding some colors?  Huh huh...

After sharing with family, more modification and elements added to the original icon.
Now, pretzel on the left and coffee bean on the right in the shape of heart to symbolise LOVE - we love the pretzels and coffee we serve and we serve with our heart. 
And it has a Chinese character of 人 (pronounce as "ren" which means human) - we serve people (human) with our love, our heart.

Now, it's so WOW to us :)

We move to the next stage of choosing fonts and there are tons to choose from online, following by colors.  Although the entire process took us much time, but it was pretty interesting and exciting!

And the final product...

This may not be the best looking logo, but it is definitely one which we are so proud of!  (*wink)

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Welcome to Pretz N' Beanz!

Greetings from Pretz N' Beanz Café!

It has been an incredible past few weeks since our Opening Day on 24th July, we are overwhelmed with the immense respond from our regulars and also new customers.

A short introduction to Pretz N' Beanz since we have plenty of customers enquiring on why the change of name? Why the change of our brand?

After being in the market for the past 4 years and from all the valuable feedbacks, we decided to move forward and position ourselves for our signature products - Pretzel and Coffee,  thus the name Pretz n' Beanz comes about.  Our aim is to be everyone's favourite everyday cafe and to also be one of the first Pretzel Pizza cafe in Kuala Lumpur, and possibly even in Asia! With our special in-house dough recipe, we believe our Pretzels and Pretzel Pizzas will be the next hot topic in KL.

Here's a quick look at our Grand Opening Day on 24th and 25th July 2014. We had an auspicious ceremony in the morning followed by opening promotions all day. First 20 walk in customers received a FREE Pretzel from us! We had many early-risers all excited to try our Pretzels and Pretzel Pizzas on both days of the opening.

the night before official opening, everyone is excited!

work hard play hard.  Pretz N' Beanz family. 

On 24th July morning, 

It's an auspicious morning with our stylish black and orange lions to kick off our opening  

Founders/Directors of Pretz N' Beanz - Mr.Francis Ng and Ms.Anna Chong 

Lions matching our Pretz N' Beanz theme colours

Blessing our counter

some interior shots, look how cosy our cafe looks now

our brand new look

our first customer of the day enjoying his Free Pretzel
 - he walked in as soon as our doors opened!

another early and youngest customer enjoying her free pretzel

by lunch time on our first day of operations, full house!

We decided to add on to the fun of our opening days - with personalized photo props and our customers really enjoyed them! We are currently making more to make your group photos and selfies even more entertaining!

For more photos, please check out our facebook page -

For more photos, please check out our facebook page -

For more photos, please check out our facebook page -

Tag yourself and friends! and please don't forget to Like our FB page.

We had free sampling of our Pretzel Pizzas, Filled Pretzels and Pretzels on both days of our opening from 5pm to 8pm. Customers were served a variety of Pretzel Pizzas and canapés. 

hot and delicious from our oven! our Pretzel Pizza in Hawaiian Chicken

friendly servers serving our Pretzel Pizzas

Our Pretzel Pizza in Hot Pepper Chilli Chicken

Crispy Mushroom Bruschetta 

Fresh Prawn Cocktails and Crispy Mushroom Bruschetta 

Our first day of operations ended late but we were glad to have customers from all over and nearby visiting the brand new spot in Solaris Mont Kiara. 

Day 2 - 25th July - It was another busy day and we had customers filling up spaces within minutes. 

Even kids love our Pretzel Pizzas! Boys are enjoying our Double Cheese Pretzel Pizza

2nd Day of our Pretzel Pizza sampling

Full House for dinner!

Full House for dinner!

happy customers enjoying our Pretzel Pizza

For more photos, please check out our facebook page -

It is definitely rewarding to receive such massive support from all of you for our Pretzels, Filled Pretzels and Pretzel Pizzas! We are always on the look out to bring something new and exciting to your taste buds.

If you have yet to try our Pretzel Pizzas, come on down to Pretz N' Beanz today! Our Pretzel Pizzas comes in a variety of flavors. Our popular and signature ones are:-
  • Hawaiian Chicken
  • Hot Pepper Chilli Chicken 
  • Pepperoni Beef 
  • Double Cheese 

For seafood lovers, our Pretzel Pizzas are also available in Norwegian Delight and for vegetarians, you can try our Al-Funghi and Sweet Potato Pretzel Pizzas. Our Pretzel Pizzas are now available in two sizes, regular and personal. Perfect for sharing or just on your own!

For more updates and interesting Pretzel news from us, 
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It's the new place to be and to be seen! The first and only Pretz N' Beanz Café in Malaysia! 

Pretz N' Beanz Café
22, Jln Solaris 4, Mont Kiara 
50480 Kuala Lumpur 
Tel:- 03- 6204 9733
GPS:- 3.175942, 101.659857